Chryzodus is a cross-platform graphical program drawing beautiful and colorful chryzodes.
If you do not know what chryzodes are, take a look at the section About chryzodes. Then you will be able to explore the world of chryzodes by yourself using Chryzodus. But one does not even need to know much about chryzodes to use Chryzodus and see beautiful images appear on the screen !

This website was made to share knowledge, tools, and experience about chryzodes. Any feedback, suggestions, ideas, remarks, or bug request about Chryzodus, this site or chryzodes in a general way would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me whenever you want.

Then, Enjoy this site and enter the wonderful world of chryzodes !


Site update : New images added to the gallery - 11-08-2004

It has been a while since the last site update, but I do not want people to think that I do not work on it anymore. I am still working on chryzodes, on the programming side as well as the mathematical side.
So to make you wait until the next Chryzodus release, I give you images of 6 new chryzodes in the gallery. I hope you will enjoy them.
Please note that these images were made using some new graphical features of the current work-in-progress version of Chryzodus. This means I have been working on new features for Chryzodus, and that some are implemented. However, I do not know when I will release a new version, because I have some other features I'd like to add in the next releases, but I don't know what to do. In fact these features need to rethink the interface a bit, or are strongly dependent on the current interface and on allegro. And as a matter of fact, I am thinking of switching to another library in order to have a nicer graphical interface than with allegro.
Well, anyway, enjoy the new images and take them as a preview of the new graphical power of the next version of Chryzodus :).

Chryzodus 0.32 released - 01-07-2004

As expected, here is a new version of Chryzodus.
There are no real new features, but I have cleaned the code and improved the User Interface a bit. This release is also much cleaner than the 0.31, as far as the distributions are concerned.
Besides, this release now features a HTML Documentation for chryzodus.
So, there is nothing really new, but if you use Chryzodus you should use this version instead of the previous.

Site update - 26-06-2004

I promised it a long time ago, and now it is done : Chryzodus has now a true website instead of the old temporary page that was before !
However the latest available version of Chryzodus is still 0.31. I already have many features to add to the software. It might take some time organizing and then actually programming them, but I am working on it. Expect a new release soon.

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